Native Veg

Healthy is a Way of Life!!

Always wished Someone Would Cut Your Veggies ?

nGV Natural Industry is a start-up company focussed on processing vegetables and making it as Ready to Cook Ready to Cook products.
We are specialized in processing,
• Traditional Vegetables
• Natural Vegetables
• Organic Vegetables
• Salad Boxes
• Fresh fruits/vegetables juices

Farm to fork with in 24 Hrs

Hygienically Processed

Easy to Cook

Our Vision & Mission

nGV Natural Industry Private Limited

Vision: We aspire to transform food industry into Natural, Holistic and Farmer’s friendly business.

Mission: We strive to do so by: Offering Natural vegetables in easy to use form. Educating Farmers and Consumers about value addition of the agriculture products, also natural vegetables

How We Process 

Fresh Vegetables & Fruits  from south indian Certified farms

Grading, washing & Cutting with Innovative machineries

Hygienically packing using Food grade packages

Reaching customers Kitchen with in 4 Hrs

Our Brand Partners

Ready to Cook

Easy to Cook


Traditional Vegetables


Organic Vegetables


Salad Boxes


Cut Fruits & Juices